Short project description

IDentifEYE - 2013-1-GR1-LEO05-13907

Project title: 

IDentifEYE: Augmented Reality towards better understanding of Online Identities


Teaching traditionally is a very complex profession. And in our current fast, modern times teaching has become even more challenging. Students need an ever growing range of new skills that fall beyond the regular school curriculum scope.

The European project “IDentifEYE” provides tools for teachers to keep up with the needs of our times. It is developing a workshop in which teachers will learn about (online) identities, current societal contexts, modern prophylactics and new technologies by means of a collection of tested good practices.  The workshop will support them to create their own subject-related lesson plan with the following aims: (1) to empower the dynamic nature of their students’ identities in order to improve the learning abilities of their students and (2) to provide insights in the dynamic nature of the societies in which their students live in order to trigger student reflection.

The project core target group consists of teachers teaching students in the age of 8 to 14.

The IDentifEYE project is a continuation of a European project on the link between students who provide digital data and their subsequent emerging online identities (CDEI). The project combined a new didactics and the use of new technology (Augmented Reality). This project was successfully implemented in the Netherlands, the UK and on Cyprus.

The current project adaptation is conducted by two of the original CDEI partners (Favinom Consultancies from Cyprus and the Ezzev Foundation from the Netherlands) and partners from Greece (CCS Education and the Hellenic Association for Education), Spain (the Private Foundation Juan XXIII), Poland (the Citizen Project Foundation and GCPU) and Lithuania (Jaunimo Karjeros Centras).