Project: Talking About Taboos: Website to help adult trainers address racism, xenophobia and other prejudices in their classrooms

            GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships. LLP 2007-2013 - N. 2013-1-FR1-GRU06-49587


From local social exclusion frames and contexts to action-based European dialogues.

A large portion of Europeans believe that prejudice and discrimination is widespread in Europe. The project Talking about Taboos wants to actively address everyday manifestations of prejudice and its resulting social exclusion in Europe. Partners from France, Italy, Poland, the UK and the Netherlands will each focus on one example of prejudice in their local setting, analyze its frames and contexts and then apply best practices to initiate an informed dialogue about it.

Partners in this dialogue will be in the first place formal and informal adult trainers. Some examples of local prejudice will be highly visible while others will be drawn into the limelight for the first time. As the result of the project a web-based repository of actively tested best practices and lessons learned will come into existence to support European dialogues on prejudices for adult trainers.